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About Us


Our Philosophy


The program at Bright Heights is based on Piaget's theory that children learn best by doing. Providing a curriculum that includes a stimulating, learning environment with developmentally appropriate activities, gives each child the opportunity to grow at his or her own pace.


We want your children to see how the skills they are learning can be meaningful to them. A fundamental component of the program is encouraging feelings of competence in the child by offering choices throughout the day. Self-esteem is the single most important attribute we can foster in a child. This single characteristic fosters an "I Can" attitude that is crucial to their future years of learning.


Our Specialized Teacher Training


The qualities first and foremost required of each teacher hired by Bright Heights are a love for children and a passion for making a difference. Our teachers come to us with varying degrees of experience and education.We have teachers who began with Bright Heights after receiving a formal education in the early childhood field. We also have teachers who began with us as assistants with no formal education or experience at all.


As long as they have the desire, the Edge Teacher Training Program can provide a complete program or a supplementary program to the one a teacher already has. Bright Heights invests in its staff so that the children and families receive the benefit of their knowledge and dedication. Long-term staff provides consistency and quality for the families that we serve and Bright Heights places great value on its qualified teachers.






Our Team




Bright Heights is also very fortunate to have at least one professional in each program who has been with the center long term.

Ms. Stephanie, Infant Lead

Shining Bright since 2007

Ms. Julie, Infant Lead

Shining Bright since 2014

Ms. Lisa, Toddler Lead

Was here in 1993 & Shining Bright again since 2014

Ms. Desi, Toddlers 

Shining Bright since 2006

Ms. Cassandra, Twos Lead

Shining Bright since 2014

Ms. Tifini, Preschool Lead

Shining Bright since 2015

Ms. Quatesha, Preschool Lead

Shining Bright since 2015

Ms. Sam, Pre-K Program Lead

Shining Bright since 2009

Ms. Keita, Full Time Floater

Shining Bright since 2006

(Also, our cook, Ms. Kathy, has been Shining Bright since 1999!)

Charmaine Chisholm & Suzanne Turner


Ms. Charmaine joined Bright Heights in 2003 as a preschool teacher and Ms. Suzanne joined Bright Heights in 2004 as a teacher in our infant/toddler program.  Both of these ladies initially completed the BHLC EDGE Teacher Training Program and also went on to earn their CDA credentials. 

After many years in the classroom, Ms. Suzanne and Ms. Charmaine joined the managment team and eventually were promoted into their current positions as Co-Directors.  They enjoy the ability to build relationships with all of our families and also enjoy supporting and mentoring our teachers in order for us to provide the best possible programs for our children!

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