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6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Monday – Friday
Age 6 weeks - 12 years


Bright Heights Learning Center is a fully licensed and accredited Virginia Department of Social Services child care center. The center closes for major holidays and four staff development days annually. An annual calendar is provided to help parents make alternate arrangements on these days.




The EPIC Curriculum



The goal of the EPIC Curriculum is to provide children with daily opportunities to explore, discover, learn and experience success! These successes instill confidence in children and promote a positive self-esteem. This strong foundation is critical to your child’s future educational success.


Each week, the EPIC Curriculum provides a framework through which our teachers use to plan engaging, hands on, playful activities targeting all areas of a child’s development. Some of these activities will address more traditional academic skills such as recognition of colors, shapes, letters, numbers, etc. Others might address social-emotional skills such as good citizenship; or fine motor skills such as stringing beads; or creative skills such as drawing or painting.


Regardless of the highlighted skill, the children are learning within a context allowing them to see its meaning and encouraging them to apply what they learn to their daily lives. It shows them that they are capable, instills confidence and builds positive self-esteem. Finally, it allows them to have fun while learning which establishes the foundation for a lifelong learner.




Infant Program

Ages 6 weeks to 16 months


Our infant program is staffed with knowledgeable and loving caregivers. Our primary caregiver program limits each caregivers responsibility to four infants which encourages a special connection between caregivers and parent and baby. However, as a team they are encouraged to support and assist each other in order to provide an exceptional level of loving care.


Our infant area is divided into three different activity areas: the sleeping area; non-mobile play space; and mobile play space.


The sleeping area provides cribs labeled for each child. The only time our babies spend in their cribs is sleeping time. When babies are awake, they are in one of the two activity areas. The protected play space is for our non-mobile babies and provides a "safe floor" for moving about or using appropriate equipment. We also have a separated play space for our mobile babies that allows them a safe area to toddle about.


Our goal in the infant program is to provide your baby with a safe, loving and stimulating environment that encourages healthy development.








Toddler Program

Ages 16 months to 2 years


During the transitional 6-month toddler phase, our babies quickly transform from toddlers into two year olds. Our toddler program uses the 123 Read Curriculum that starts to develop their self-help skills, gain confidence in motor skills, increase language skills, and explore creative and sensory skills.


Our toddler teachers understand that we sometimes lead our toddlers with activities we plan, and sometimes our toddlers lead us with activities they choose. We know that flexibility is the key to success with this active group.


Preschool Program

Ages 2 to 5 years


Bumblebee Class            (Ages 2-3)

Chipmunk Class             (Age 3)

Bluebird Class                (Ages 3-4)

Lions & Tigers Classes  (Ages 4-5)


All of our preschool programs utilize a theme-based curriculum that provides a hands-on approach to teaching concepts and ideas. Each week teachers plan activities surrounding the theme, letter, color and shape of the week. Activities vary from teacher-directed large group time, to child-directed center based time. The activity depth heightens as children advance from one age group to the next.


When Bumblebees are singing the alphabet, our Chipmunks are recognizing the alphabet. When our Bluebirds are writing the alphabet, our Lions & Tigers are using the alphabet to recognize and form words. In addition to teaching academics, it is also our goal to teach interpersonal skills. Preschool children learn how to cooperate, show kindness, how to take turns, and to be part of a larger community.







Before- and After-School Care

Ages Kindergarten to 12 years

During the school year, our school-age program provides a safe and enjoyable place for our grade school children before and after school.


Before school, we provide children with a breakfast, snack, and a time to visit with their friends.


After school includes snack time, outdoor play, homework assistance, and games as part of the daily schedule. In addition, Bright Heights accommodates children on days when school is closed or dismisses early.






Before After
Summer Camp

Summer Camp

Ages Kindergarten to 12 years


Bright Heights provides a full-service summer camp program for grade-school children during the summer months.


Summer camp is designed to provide a large variety of activities that keep your children engaged and busy. Field trips include rock climbing, horseback riding, museum visits, restaurant tours, and gaming and play-space facilities. A full summer calendar is provided when registering and requires an additional activity fee, determined by the activities.







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